Privacy First,
Personal Finance Tools

Manage all of your personal finances from a centralized dashboard with provable privacy and security.
Financial Elements
All of your finances in one place

Get a complete view of your balances and transactions across all your financial accounts in one convenient dashboard.

Save more and spend smarter

Set milestones and see how much you’re saving versus how much you should be saving. Use it to plan your annual retirement savings, your emergency fund, and other goals.

Simulate and plan for your retirement success

See what retirement might look like for you, define goals, and set milestones to get there.

Privacy-Centric To Help You Manage
Your Personal Finances

What’s Andook?

Your private financial life is private, Andook will never know any of your transactions.

Andook is a privacy-centric app to help you manage your personal finances.

Instead of mining data from all your private financial details, Andook is focused on serving your needs.

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