Andook Cookie Policy

How, where, and why we use cookies on our website

This Cookie Policy applies for the websites of Andook, Inc. (“Andook”) referred to in this Policy. The websites include, and (together “Websites”).

European Union (“EU”) legislation requires all website operators to inform website visitors about their usage of cookies and similar technologies, for example, pixels, (hereinafter “cookies”) and to collect the user’s consent to such cookie usage.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file placed on your computer by a particular website. Cookies serve many purposes, but are mainly used to track user preferences for a more tailored experience.

Why and where we use them

In an effort to better understand Andook customers and meet their needs, first-party cookies are used on:


First-party cookies are set by Andook. They help calculate things like page views and visitors to the website.

Andook DOES NOT use any third-party cookies on Our websites.

Cookies we use on our website

_ab Multiple versions of our websites may be live at any point in time. We may place a user in a test version or the latest live version based on randomly generated values. The _ab cookie represents a unique build-id of the version you have been placed into.

_ii A unique identifier generated as soon as one of our websites is opened.

_is The Epoc timestamp as soon as one of our websites is opened.

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